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Misty River


Sunshine and Lollypops

It is the end to another modified day. My schedule has taken me to the extremes in terms of lateness. Sleeping at 4am or later and waking at 12pm does not seem all that healthy so I will need to modify it somehow.

Air conditioner no longer works properly. It ices up too quickly. I suppose I shouldn't be using it since it is getting cooler out but this room gets hot and I can't sleep with the door to the porch open yet as there is still plenty of mold living out on the rafters to my room. Must kill more with the bleach.

Still need to discover a direction. Not sure I am any closer.. but I need to push myself more than I have and will do so beginning Monday.

No pretty, well thought out literary words here... just the rambling thoughts of my mind for now.

4:23 a.m. - 2008-09-20


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